Sticky for current bugs found

There should be a sticky for bugs found on for example this version on i have found a few... ill open a tread about that...

But it would help a lot to all of us having  a sticky of

bugs on version

bugs on version


And that kind of thing



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All bugs should be reported to TAC so that they can be fixed.  TAC does not look at this forum, because for a bug to be opened, it has to be reported to TAC by someone who observes it.  The release notes is the best place to look at what bugs exist and what bugs have been fixed.


TAC can also clarify whether or not something is a bug, or it is just misconfigured.


I know all the bugs should be reported to the tag but hey if you got them on the forum instead of opening a case and wait until they answer you, you can find the asnwer really fast on the forums.. if they dont look at the forum okay thats fine... but you still can find asnwers on it...

Its like a game they post all the bugs they can see in a new release and you know its great... i think its a great idea and we missing it on this forum...

Now fater you see it on the forum and then you not sure if it still a bug then okay go to the tac and if you dont likethe idea then dont use it ask the tac  directly i guess :) 


The other thing that could work if they posted the bugs they have found in like a sticky tread or putting it somewhere... in which we can go and check if what we got is a a bug confirmed by Aruba... it will reduce the amount of  tickets asking THESAME thing over and over... and we will have an answer faster as we got a centralized place to go and check if what we are experiencing is a bug...

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@ NightShade1


Moving under Products and Technology ideas to have our product management team to take a look and comment.


Thanks for your feedback!


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Community Manager
Status changed to: Deferred to Aruba Support
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