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ACDX v8 - how to start

Hello Aruba Folks, 

I'm working with Aruba Net technologies for a few years, I got ACDP/ACMP/ACCP/ACSA for now, I'm looking to pass the ACDX. 


to get started I'm re-reading ACDP official cert guide Book and tried to focus on the Big exercises that include all chapter.

my question: Is the ACDP book replace VRDs? or should I add a specific VRDs to my reading list? 


As you may know, ACDX requires ACSP v1 so I'm preparing for it as well using ACSP official cert guide Book, 


Please, any other inputs/tips will help me in my journey.


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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

If you have the latest ACDP (I believe it’s currently at version 1, so then you must) then you do not require ACMP and ACSP as a prerequisite to ACDX. It is either / or.

With the new ACDX there is a 2 hour written ACDX exam also that must be sat prior to taking the practical exam. Re-read that ACDP Study Guide which is great but also get through the newest VRDs - AOS8, Instant.

There is a lot more switching covered in the Design track than there used to be.

There is also an Advanced Design Course available which would be very useful preparation for the X level exam.

Good luck!
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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

Thanks for the contribution,

Please check this link "Step 3: Verify or complete prerequisites"

ACDP/ACMP(any version)/ACSP are a must prior to pass ACDX. 


I'll add VRDs: AOS8 and Instant to my to-read list. thanks for the suggestion. 


I agree switching is a field focus in ACDX v8 program, I think for that reason Aruba Requires ACSP.

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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

Folks, any other ideas/tips/guidance ?

Anyone can share his ACDX v8 experience.



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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

There are two prerequisite paths indicated at the link you have shared. Either Path 1 or Path 2 may be taken, they are exclusive:

Path 1 states you must have ACDP.

Path 2 states you must have both ACMP and ACSP.


In short, you will be well prepared if you have all three but it is definitely not a requirement to have them all. 


It is my opinion that knowing the switching products that are available aligned with what is taught in ACDP will probably get you by for ACDX on the switching front. 

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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

Good to know that, you're totally right, so with my ACDP I should be good to go for ACDX written and practical exams. 

thank you very much! 


my learning resources now are: 

- ACDP official certification guide 


- VRD instant 2.0


Any other source to add to this list? 




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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start


any other inputs? 


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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

Sit the Designing Advanced Mobility Solutions course:


I am now of the opinion that reading the ACDP material alone will not sufficiently prepare you for ACDX v8.

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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start


By VRD AOS8 and VRD Instant2.0, are you refering to these documents:





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Re: ACDX v8 - how to start

Hello Achraf, 

Please refer to:

- Mobile First Campus - VRD 

-  Aruba Instant Version 2.0.1 (2018 release)


I asked other ACDX guys they all recommend to add to the list:

-  Campus Wireless Network

Aruba Remote Access Point