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ACMA v8 discover question

hi community,


i have a question about a acma 8 exam question. I think my answer was correct but I´m not sure.


question: you can see ap, mm and mc with ip-addresses and the question is what is the correct way to help discover the ap


I don´t know the correct description


a: aruba central account (wrong)

b: mobility master ip address with dhcp option 43 on the dhcp server (I think the correct answer)

c: mobility controller IP with dns name aruba-master (in my opinion wrong because mobiliy controller)

d: enable cpsec, ensurce that mm and mc trust the installed certificates on the ap (in my opinion wrong)


I don´t understand because the b: is not the correct answer




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Re: ACMA v8 discover question

Access points need to discover a Mobility Controller, NOT the Mobility Master:


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Re: ACMA v8 discover question

thank you for your answer and improvement.


i passed the exam but not with 100percent and I want to know which answer is wrong.


I have only installation with 6.x version installed, so the mobility master is new for me.




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Re: ACMA v8 discover question

answer is D.