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ACMP 6.4 Study help

Greetings Airheads,

I just took my ACMP 6.4 exam and did not pass (missed by 3 questions!!). Based on the scoring results, the areas I would like to improve on are:


  • Operations
  • Planning and Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • IDS (for Bonus points!)

The issue I am having is pinpointing the material to focus my studies on.  I have my materials from Bootcamp, but there are no sections that directly correlate to the listed areas, except IDS which is partially covered in RFProtect.  Likewise, my VRD searches for those areas returned vague results.


I would greatly appreicate some experts within the community to point me in the right direction for the related resources.



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Re: ACMP 6.4 Study help

I am in the same situation. I've taken the ACMP bootcamp, spent about 40 hours studying the materials and failed the test twice.

I'm stumped. Aruba/HPE have removed all references to study guides and test practice from their site. Now their is a single PDF with basically everything that the test might cover and 12 sample questions of which the answers are only provided to half of them.

Is anyone even taking ACMP 6.4? All of the third party resources I've found are 6.3 and misleading because of changes to AOS.


Any help would be appreciated