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Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone could provide some tips on the cert. I have reviewed the requirements but I was wondering more about the balance of the certification. Most certifications I have written in the past had a weight breakdown so you knew where to focus most of your attention.


Another kicker is my work has asked for me to skip my ACMA and try for my ACMP with very little experience. I am currently using a co-workers books to try to read up and I should be getting access to a 650 controller and an AP shortly. The issue is I would like to get the certification but there are no courses that I can get access to due to the time/money constraints. 


Again any tips would be extremely helpful.




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Re: ACMP Tips

I suggest reading "Indoor Survey", "Mobility Controllers", and "802.11n Networks" VRD's. I read those before attending the Mobility Boot Camp training and felt prepared as most of the content wasn't completely new. Course was a good refresher and a possibility for hands-on training and to ask questions from the trainer. And basic 802.11 knowledge will help also. If you haven't learned 802.11 fundamentals already I would suggest learning at least CWTS level of basics first so you can concentrate on what Aruba brings to the table.


When you get the gear you should learn to setup everything an average enterprise would use. So 802.1x, policies etc.


Check out the study guides if you haven't already:


ACMP goes a little further than ACMA but if you feel comfortable with the material and configuration after reading the VRD's and playing around with the gear I'd go straight for ACMP.

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Re: ACMP Tips

Hello SpreadSpectrum,


Thanks for the detailed response. I am currently attempting to make a document that covers all the points in the study guides. I do have my CWTS. I will look into the VDRs as I have skimmed through some of them, do you happen to know if there are any issues with the test not being fully up to date? Meaning are the VDRs further along then the test?


Thanks again!


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Re: ACMP Tips

Make sure you know all of the components of a mesh network as well.

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Re: ACMP Tips

check the resources page on the website and take a read through the Validateed Reference designs, the Controller on, the campus one and the redundant design one are very helpful.

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