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ACMP exam



I just took the ACMP exam and failed it after attending the boot camp. A lot of this is lack of proper prepartion on my part.


However I noticed that the boot camp lacked a lot of model specfic information that seemed to be on the test.


Additionally the test referenced the 651 AP and the 3200XM controller which aren't listed on the site I can find.


Is there a place I can find this information for so I can prepare better for my second attempt?




Re: ACMP exam

I think there are questions on both the 651 and the 3200XM controllers based upon the labs that are with the classes.  As I recall, these are mostly AP capacity questions.


Are you sure there was a reference to an AP 651?  That is not a valid unit, but we do have references to the 651 controller.




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Re: ACMP exam

That controller works as an AP (or so I found out after I posted this) hence my confusion.


We didn't have an 651s when I did the class... we had a bunch of 3200XMs and that was it controller wise.

Re: ACMP exam

The Aruba 651 controller is an Aruba 600 serie controller , that have an integratted antenna (3), the new Aruba firmware do not provide access point capability to this controller (you can say that there is only one controller the 650 )

good luck next time .


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Re: ACMP exam

Just took and passed ACMP.


Here are my suggestions for passing.

1. Take IAW and SWDI or the Bootcamp. If you're serious about learning this, these classes are the best way to do it. They teach you the material and then get you doing labs to deepen your understanding. 

2. Read the class manuals and commit them to memory. Even the little notes on the side that seem unimportant. More than 1 question comes from those little notes.

3. Read the VRDs. Alot of the info is in the class, but every once in a while a little nugget pops up.

4. Take the test. If you fail it, use what you see in the test as a study guide for your next attempt.