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ARM Rate Shaping

I noticed a reference to "ARM Rate Shaping" in the ACMP 6.1 Study Guide.  I can't find any reference to this term and I'm guesssing it refers to band-steering, perhaps getting clients moved to HT-40 channels?  Or maybe weighted airtime fairness?  Anyone want to take a shot at an explanation.



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Re: ARM Rate Shaping

In general Rate shaping means managing the traffic parameters to optimize performance and avoid slowing the network. So i suppose this relates to the air time fairness feature (default, fair, preferred) in ARM ? BTW there is also a traffic management profile in QoS under Advanced services. The options include Station Shaping Policy and Proportional BW Allocation. So I guess ARM rate shaping is something to do with traffic management. 

Shahryar Ali
Product Engineer- ICT
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