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Airheads Lab Scenario 1.1

We will be placing different scenarios for you to try in your lab. We hope it will help progress your training. They will be easy labs to start with then trend to more complex as we go.


We will have scenarios covering Instant, AOS, Airwave, and ClearPass.


Check back weekly for a different scernario. Each scenario will have the desired solution uploaded at the end of the week to compare your results to.

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Re: Lab Scenarios

Lab Scenario 1.1


You have been contracted to set up a new controller for a customer. They need you to get the controller on the network. They need their licenses installed and an AP added to the controller and placed into an AP group to get their test environment going.




  •          Default Controller Name
  •          The controller IP will be (If you do not have a 192.168.x.x network change to your correct IP.)
  •          Class C subnet mask
  •          Use your default gateway
  •          The controller will be a master.
  •          The controller will be in your country code.
  •          The Controller is in your time zone.
  •          AP group - MyCorp

If you will be wiping an existing controller be sure to run the “show license verbose” command so you will be able to get the licenses before you factory reset the controller. To perform a factory reset use the command “write erase all”.



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