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Aruba Dictionary Flash Cards

Want to learn 477 Aruba terms and definitions? I pulled this from the 8.2 Web version of the user guide and created these flashcards.



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Re: Aruba Dictionary Flash Cards

Bookmarked! Thanks for putting this together, must have taken some time.

ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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Re: Aruba Dictionary Flash Cards

I noticed on the glossary tab of the ArubaOS 8.2 Web user guide that it clearly listed many (477 or so) terms and definitions. I thought these could make great study material. 

  • I had to first click each one of them and open the tab to show the definition of the glossary/dictionary term. 
  • After the items were expanded, I grabbed the source code of the glossary html element that contained everything within.
  • I took the data into Dreamweaver (adobe product for webdev)
  • I knew to get the data into a proper csv format for Quizlet I had to do some data manipulation.
  • I couldn't add in commas to be the delimiter because some definitions had commas within them. I chose to use Tabs
  • I replaced certain repeated <div> containers before the "term" with (^P) Linebreaks 
  • I replaced other certain repeated <div> containers between term and definition with (^T) Tabs
  • Deleted all other Styling and HTML 
  • Copied text pasted into text editor and saved as a CSV
  • Uploaded to Quizlet


I had to snip out about 10 or so messed up lines. But was able to make 477 awesome flash cards. :-)


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