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Aruba Mobility Academy

The Aruba Mobility Academy is the world’s first accredited mobility education program designed for universities and colleges.


Our goal is to teach tomorrow’s IT professionals all about the wireless LAN fundamentals that are critical as networks embrace mobility.


Mobility is one of the fastest-growing networking technologies, with wireless traffic expected to exceed wired traffic by the end of 2015. However, education programs lacked in-depth curriculum on mobility and WLAN technologies, which are now critical to the professional development of Mobility Engineers.


Fully college-accredited, the Aruba Mobility Academy enables students who want to become Mobility Engineers to build secure, scalable and reliable enterprise-class WLANs. It is taught in a vendor-agnostic fashion while leveraging Aruba Networks products for the hands-on learning labs.



WLAN fundamentals

  • 802.11 wireless standards (802.11ac, 802.11n)
  • WLAN architectures: Mobility Controllers, controllerless APs and cloud Wi-Fi
  • 802.1X and RADIUS authentication
  • Spectrum analysis­
  • WLAN design and planning

Hands-on learning labs

  • WLAN Mobility Controller and AP configuration­
  • RADIUS configuration


This college-accredited curriculum will develop students’ mobility expertise as well as qualify them to pursue their Aruba-Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) certification.


This board is also used for professors and students in the Aruba Mobility Academy. Please feel free to ask your questions and participate here.


What is the Aruba Mobility Academy? Find out HERE.

Sean Rynearson

Re: Aruba Mobility Academy

Hello Sean

How does this work?

This is something in which just aruba pick the universities or talk directly to the universities for this program?


Is there any kind of program with partners for this? in which this can be done through aruba partners?


BTW this is a great initiative from aruba... making the network admins of tomorrow or the managers of tomorrow, learn about wifi and also Aruba :) like the cisco academic.. which worked great for them... as people goes out of the university just knowing cisco...




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Aruba Mobility Academy

are there any specific  course book ?
how can we be an aruba academy Trainer ?
how can we be a aruba academy ?
are there any eLearinng platform installed   for this purpos  ?

ICT Network & Security Engineer

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Re: Aruba Mobility Academy

Hi Raouf


Find more information on the Aruba Mobility Academy program at Here.  There is also a generic email address where prospective universities could reach out to for additional questions:


Trusted Contributor I

Re: Aruba Mobility Academy

Glad to see this sourt of coursework making it to the university level.  My grip with most colleges (in my state) is that they haven't traditionally offered opportunities to learn about networking or other IT technologies.  You'll go for either your MIS or Computer Science degres, which don't provide you with all the necessary skills needed if you want to work in IT.  At best, you'll graduate knowing how to program in C+ or Java.  I can think of one 4-year college that is offering an IT degree, and two 2-year colleges that are offering something similar.  They're pretty decent options, albeit the 4-year college is a bit pricey.  IMO, the technology centers around here offer far more bang for your buck if you want to get into IT, offering A+, Network+, and Cisco courses.  They're great because they're soo cheap, and the classes are available for high school students and adults.  I think it'd be great to see the Aruba Mobility Academy make it to our technology centers, too!

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New Contributor

Re: Aruba Mobility Academy

Hello everybody!


So, its possible study alone for certification ACMA and ACMP?, i have acess some devices, ARUBA A650 witch AP'S a92 and Aruba controller 7200 witch aps 130 and 115?


If yes where i can get a great documentation, training videos or labs?


I'm have acess on partner portal and support portal.

Not applicable

Re: Aruba Mobility Academy

TavaresYour in luck!


You can look here for some really great study materials pertaining to both ACMA and ACMP as well as the upcoming schedule for #BMC.


ACMA practice

ACMP practice

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