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Hello, Airheads.

I understand there is some confusion about how to purchase and register for Aruba training. I'd like to provide some clarity and a forum for any questions that you have.

First of all, the Aruba training credit SKU is still active and available using the Aruba purchasing tool. All our partners should still have access to purchase with their established discount. The part number is EDU-CREDIT.

There are several teams offering Aruba training. All these offerings are aggregated on the HPE global training calendar. To find a more focused list of classes offered by the Aruba training team, please visit our training search page or contact me and my team.

Our group is focused on partner training, though we will arrange classes for employee groups and customers, of course. We work with groups all the time to provide training that doesn't appear on the calendar. We're here to help you meet your training and certification goals, whether you are a single student trying to find the best class or a manager trying to plan an entire curriculum for your organization.

Many of our classes are running with or being canceled due to low registrations. There are many seats available.

Please reply if you have any questions about our training services.

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