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Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

This month is for all of you hardcore guys who strive for the certs that make a PhD thesis seem like a small feat. That’s right this month we focus on the crème de la crème of Aruba certs, the Aruba Certified Mobility Expert (ACMX). This is a hands on, lab based exam that will test you in EVERYTHING Aruba.


This is a roll call if you will. All of you current or previous holders of an ACMX, help us normal guys and gals chase you down and lend us a hand to climb to the top of the Aruba certification ladder. If you have any tips, please drop them here and allow us to use them.


ACMX Study Guide


The ACMX exam has 11 areas of required expertise and a passing score is 75%. Scoring starts at 0 and successfully completed tasks add points.


IP Design

Campus Network Design V.8Advanced Mobility Design

WLAN Design for High Density

ArubaOS 6.2 IP Mobility


License Capacity Planning

How does Centralized Licensing function?

How to configure and verify centralized licensing in a master-local environment?

Which licenses are supported as a part of centralized licensing in AOS version 6.3?



Campus Redundancy Model

How do I configure VRRP (Layer 2) active-active local controller redundancy?

How the Redundancy and failover mechanism works in Centralized licensing feature ?


Policies and Roles

Roles and Policies

Configuring Mobility Controller Role Based Bandwidth Contract



How to deny access for authentication request based on session limit.?


Campus Mesh

Designing Outdoor Mesh Networks

FAQ - Redundant mesh topology

Configuring Point-to-Point mesh

Designing Outdoor Mesh Networks



WLAN Design for Voice and Video

How can I prioritize voice without the PEF?


Remote Networking

Remote AP Networks

 ArubaOS (Remote Networks) Downloads



Installing Airwave 8.0.1

 [VIDEO] Practical Airwave Workshop

Accessing the Airwave XML API using curl


Best Practices

Planning and Design: Rip and Replace Best Practices

Network Rightsizing Best Practices Guide

RF Optimization best practices

Best Practice for Video over WLAN - Part 1



Debugging to be enabled for voice issues

What debugging to be enabled for any voice related issues?

Aruba Remote AP Troubleshooting

How to telnet Aruba Remote AP?


Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

Please, anyone that has passed ACMX give us some advice. Without giving away the test of course. :-)

Sean Rynearson

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

I assume that before asking the question, everyone read the latest exam reference guide found here:


Having authored many of our MX exams, and having proctored many, many exams around the globe, I can assure you that I see patterns between failures and passes.  


For example, one sure way to fail is to execute "write erase all" on the controllers at the end of the exam.  Yes, I have actually seen that several times.  :)


Also, let me stress that every task and skill that we require in the exam is covered in our courseware.  We highly recommend MBC, or the IAW/SWDI equivalent, AirWave and Advanced Troubleshooting.  The primary difference between the courseware and the exam is that we are testing to see if you can apply the knowledge in a larger scale environment.  Hence you can expect to see more than two controllers and APs in the exam unlike in the classroom.  It seems to me that many candidates have not attended the entire recommended sequence of classes and therefore approach the exam with a less than complete exposure to the required skills.  There are a couple of exam tasks I can specifically point to that demonstrate this to me.  If you are not going to attend the classes, then be sure you pick up the equivalent skills from somewhere.


Additionally, we are testing if you can readily recall that knowledge without needing to rely upon reference materials.  If you need to review the manual often, you will not have time to complete the exam within the alloted 8-hours.  Therefore, the second recommendation is familiarity with the kind of tasks outlined in the Exam Reference Guide.


Within the exam, we do ask you to do many kinds of common tasks.  But sometimes the candidate does not read the requirements carefully, or doesn't take the time to implement them as requested.  I will say the Firewall policies are one of the more common places where we see this. It is easy to use wizards, but rarely is the baseline template sufficient in a real deployment, is it?


Thirdly, we test  the most common feature and deployment scenarios that an expert level individual is likely to encounter in a real deployment.  Again, we list those within the ERG.  An example here is as basic as getting the correct IP settings.  You must understand how to deploy controllers in L2/L3 and firewalled environments.  These are seen in all networks and are discussed in the courses.  Hint, hint.


That's my 10,000 foot recommendation and expression of the exam philosophy.  I will post more later if I think of more things to share without spilling exam specifics.  




Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

Awesome Kevin! Thank you for your input!  

Sean Rynearson

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

Just a couple of comments to candidates below.   Good Luck!


  • The obvious: Be prepared!  Classroom materials can only get you so with the products on your own; gain some practical experience in real world customer scenarios.
  • Read and re-read the requirements/question.  Make sure you understand exactly what you are being asked to accomplish.
  • There is often more than 1 way to accomplish a task on Aruba products.  If the exam asks you to make X work with Y; then make it work.  You'll still want to follow best practices, but don't be worried if you sometimes do things differently.  How you made it work seemed less important than making it work (at least when I took it).
  • Be smart with your time.  If you are struggling with something don't spend mountains of time going through manuals to look things up, see if there is something else you can work on and then go back.



Systems Engineer, Northeast USA

New Contributor

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

Can you please confirm what Manuals are available during the exam? 

Occasional Contributor II

Re: Becoming Mobility Certified - ACMX - December 2014

is this study guide still valid for this year 2018 ?