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Becoming Mobility Certified - CWSP - November 2014

We’re going to get secure in November. This month we are focusing on CWSP. The CWSP certification is a professional level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. The CWSP certification will advance your career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully secure enterprise Wi-Fi networks from hackers.


Airheads, lets help everyone striving to achieve this certification. If security is you specialty, please drop off some of your priceless knowledge with the community. Do you have a trick for remembering encryption methods? Have figured out a way and mastered every port to application? Be a champ and enlighten us mere mortals.


Main Topics
802.11 Security

Wireless Security - Myths and Realities

Advanced Wireless LAN (WLAN) Security

Securing Wireless Communications

WLAN Security Fundamentals

[AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Advanced Aruba Security

Physical Security of the Wireless Installation

Guest Access Fundamentals

EAP: The Basics

Encryption Ciphers and Methods

Leveraging Centralized Encryption with Snort

[AirheadsConf EMEA 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Encryption, Authentication, and Access Control

Leveraging Centralized Encryption with Snort

Enterprise 802.11 Layer 2 Authentication Methods

EAP: The Basics

11 Layer 2 Dynamic Encryption Key Generation

Certificate-based Security for IAP/AMP Communication

What is KeyGuard security and how does Aruba improve the security posture?

SOHO 802.11 Security

11 Fast Secure Roaming

Optimizing Aruba WLANs for Roaming Devices

 Advanced Mobility Design


Wireless Security Risks

How to protect an Instant WLAN from ARP attacks? What are the methods supported?

Analysis of "Hole 196" WPA2 Attack

Three Risks of SSID Cloaking

TKIP Vulnerabilities

Analysis of MITM based TKIP attack

Validate Deauth Attack

Wireless LAN Security Auditing

Wireless Security Monitoring

IOS-to-AMP RADIUS Accounting

VPNs, Remote Access, and Guest Access Services

How do I connect a private VLAN over the Internet with security?

What IPSec security protocol and mode Aruba VIA uses to protect the data?

Remote Networking Fundamentals

WLAN Security Infrastructure

Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) Overview

Unified Access Fundamentals

What is control plane security? How does one configure/verify it?

Rolling out 802.1x with GTC

How to Allow or Block Management of the Aruba Controller only from Specific Subnets

Wireless Security Policies

Airheads Bangkok 2012 Keynote - Policy Definition, Policy Enforcement and Management


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