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Re: Getting Certified in 2014

There is some cross-over material from ACMA to ACMP.  Others have pointed it out but there is a study guide at


ACMP is not a delta test since ACMA is not a pre-requisite to ACMP.




From my experience so far, Aruba, unlike vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco or HP, expects you to have been out on a few installs and worked through some issues prior to taking the tests.  I have found multiple questions on both ClearPass and on Mobility that were not in any of the training class materials.  The only way you would have know those answers would be if you've struggled through some of them in the field.


This makes for a rather frustrating testing experience if you don't have the field time behind you.





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Re: Becoming Mobility Certified



Did anyone every put togehter any wiki documenation or the like on some study peripherals for ACMA, ACMP etc?? 

Sounded like a great idea, and being a newbie is a tough go, especially when you're teaching yourself.


Also, I see the CWNP certifications in your list. What are the benefits to gaining those certs that are outside of Aruba? General knowledge? Job recommendations or making you more marketable? something else? 


Thanks for your time!!

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