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Better Certifications

I'm in the process of studying for my CCNA. I've been working in the IT field for 20 years so I think I know enough to pass the exam but I guess it's good to have the certification even though you already know the information. I'm also working towards my wireless certification. I was wondering if it's better to get the CWNP or an Aruba certification? We have been using Cisco stand alone APs but recently replaced them with the controller based Aruba APs. Should I go for an Aruba certification instead of the CWNP? If so which one? I already did the getting to know Aruba hardware online session...



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Re: Better Certifications

I would recommend starting with the Aruba Mobility Boot Camp:


After that, you will be ready to take your ACMP exam. Then I would look at doing the CWNA.


Zach Jennings
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Re: Better Certifications

I recently picked up my CCNA, and in spite of a decade (has it really been that long) in the field, I was shocked at how much I was either rusty on or just plain did not pick up the first time around.  Best of luck to you in that pursuit.  If I can offer some advice, go with the 2 test route, I think it was too much material to all go into one test.


As for the other part, I can't speak to the ACMA training, though I intend to pursue it once the budget year rolls around again.  In the interim I am working on the CWNA, since self study materials are readily available.


Our company recently chose to deploy aruba in our schools and other offices, based in large part by the utterly fantastic experience I had with the Aruba Instant products.  So I definitely plan to dig deeper into the Aruba portfolio, but that being said, I think the vendor neutral training that the CWNP provides is essential. There is likely to be some overlap between the tests though.

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Re: Better Certifications

I recommend both. The CWNA is a bit more broad in information while the ACMA is more focused. Both are fun, both are worth it.




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