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ClearPass Essentials updated to 6.2

This post is late as the content has been there for awhile, just got caught up w/ Airheads prep and forgot to post.


ClearPass Essentials is now based on v6.2.  Anyone signing up now will have the 6.2 modules.  


Also, anyone who signed up during 6.0 can also view the 6.2 content.  To do this log into the training portal (partner from Partner Center, customers and employees directly - SSO is coming someday....) and click the "My Profile" button.  You should see the CP-E modules there.  You can simply re-launch the modules from there and it will play the latest version allowing you to stay up to date on ClearPass.


All modules changed slightly as the ClearPass team loves to move UI elements around.  But the key modules that changed are:

  Mod1.2 - Licensing
  Mod7.2 - Policy Model
  Mod21.1 - Intro to Onboard
  Mod 22.1 - Onboard CA
  Mod 23.1 - Onboard Provisioning
  Mod 23.2 - Single SSID Onboarding
  Mod 23.3 - Dual SSID Onboarding
  Mod 23.4 - (New) MDM
  Mod 23.5 - (New) Workspace
23.4 and 23.5 are new modules and so won't appear in your My Profile if you registered prior to 6.2.  In that case you can view those modules here:
Christopher Leach - CISSP, ACDX, ACMX
Director, Training and Certification
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