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Finding Focus in WLAN

There are so many different focuses in wireless. For example…


- Security being huge because of the number of ways your network can be breached. Including but not limited to DNS Hijacking, breachinga network through its Bluetooth connections with BYOD, or even age-old phishing.  


- The protocols that help to define how the different pieces interact with each other, and in what order.  


- Engineering/invention of different antennae and approaches. 


- Diagnostics becoming huge as people realize that wireless isn’t plug-n-play and they’re not getting the best throughput through their networks.


- Surveys on the best way to design and implement a network for different environments. There are even some who specialize in one environment in particular.  


- Another is the software side of it. How do you access the data and what kind of leverage do you get by what you’re using?  


Personally, I’ve followed others and have read a lot, but I don’t know if that’s the BEST way. Wireless is such a BIG field that I think focus is necessary, but am unsure that where I’m going is where I want to be.


What is the best way to find a focus in WLAN? And do you think it’s really necessary in order to be successful?

Julia B

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Re: Finding Focus in WLAN

"Personally, I’ve followed others and have read a lot, but I don’t know if that’s the BEST way."



I think this is actually a big way to gain knowledge. Jump on Twitter, find a wireless list and follow EVERYONE on it. Yeah, sometimes it gets off topic, ex. jello wrestling (you know who you are) but overall the subjects are helpful. Also, from a social standpoint forums are a great place even if you don't have a problem. Just reading about others issues and how they resolve them has help me out.

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