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Finding Your Wavelength in Wireless: Training

Just wondering how many people go to classes versus self-taught? And if it’s self-taught, did you build your own lab? Or have a mentor?


Would love to hear your thoughts and get your reasons why! Or maybe a pros/cons list? Mine are below.



Pros – Hands on, Learning environment, focused learning, study buddies!

Cons – Time consuming, hard to justify, expensive



Pros – Less expensive, study at your own pace, comfort of your own home

Cons – Could take forever to finish, easily distracted, lose the chance to work with a lab (if you don’t have one set up at home)


I’m a hands-on learner, so I’m all about classes and shadowing.  But I’m always looking to try other ways to learn. 


Also, within your learning experience what do you think was the most beneficial? Or the worst?

I’m wondering if there are key traits of a really good class/teacher (aside from the common sense ones).

Julia B

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