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I am trying to educate my team to the effect that they need to evolve their skills, and need to know more than just wireless, and that it is in their best interest to focus on the complete solution. I am getting a lot of lip service from my team members, but I would like to show them how this can be truly beneficial to them.
What I think they need to know is how RF basics work, some routing and switching, and some network security. I think showing someone something has a lot more impact rather than telling them. Has anyone found any interesting  / creative ways to explain this?
I really see Mobile device management and AAA policy control as key elements.  Once they find the value in this and understand that there are no shortcuts to learning, it will make a better environment for everyone.   Remember, success fixes everything and if we can get people to understand the complete picture, it will reduce some of the unnecessary complexity and stress involved with a large project.
That way when the weekend comes, we can be worried about what we will be wearing to the beach, and not working on our laptops at the beach.  Unless we want to, not because we have to.