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Home/lab equipment?

At Airheads a question came up about this - is there any progress from there?


I personally would love to have a dev lab at work so I can test before I adjust our live network (like that one mistake that takes down the wifi), my company wouldn't be able to just buy 2 controllers and have one sit in the lab (aka my desk).  But buying an RMA device that maybe one of the network ports doesn't work, or is dented would be perfect!


Also I wish I could mess with gear at home, learn more then what I need at work - and work towards a cert.



Re: Home/lab equipment?


This may not be the answer to your question 


A while ago I received an e-mail from this company : which rents virtual aruba equipment 


Note: I have not used it and this company is not sponsor by Aruba , also it is quite expensive 

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Home/lab equipment?

At the risk of sounding like a jerk -  This has always been the big question, how much do you personally invest in your own career.  Many of us have a garage full of old gear that we picked up for just this reason. if you run a busness and are an Aruba Partner look for NFR gear at a discount. If your an employee and can't get the company to see the value in a test lab.  Oh well - is it worth your dime to have the knowledge. 


keep in mind that knowledge might help you make the move to a better funded company ;-) just saying

Kelly K
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Re: Home/lab equipment?

We pitched the idea of a wireless lab to management and they went along with it.  Our Aruba sales rep helped us get some "lab only" controllers at a nice discount.  Now we have a nice lab in which to test things before going to production.

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Re: Home/lab equipment?

I have started to invest money in a home lab with iAP's. Till now I have the iAP105 and soon to receive the iAP155 (just to "play" with the cable connection on the iAP and POE functions).

The next step will be an iAP 225 in order to test the 802.11ac.


The investment for me is for the knowledge and I have no time to get certifications. The investiment to is worth it because in my department I'm the go to guy in order to "fix it" :)

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Re: Home/lab equipment?

I am on a quest to establish a good Aruba  lab environment for our company. I am looking for an equpment list which covers mobility in general as well as ClearPass (basically the whole Aruba ecosystem). If you have recomendations or a list along this line, please pass it along.



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