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How do I measure wireless frequency angle?

When I am asked for the angle of the wireless frequency if the side lobes are big and go towards the front do I still ignore the side lobes and only measure the angle of the front lobe?  Because the front lobe measures about 60 degrees in width and if I include the side lobe angles the side lobes plus the front lobes will give an angle of about 120 degrees. 



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Re: How do I measure wireless frequency angle?

Unless you got an anechoic chamber you aren't doing this on your own. Manufacturers are required to publish the angles and gain of their antennas, they often give vertical horizontal and azimuth patterns showing what the footprint is. When they measure an antenna beam width they use the 3db down points. So from the 3db down point of the entire beam width that is the angle they measure (and publish). Go to the antenna manufacturers website and pull up data sheet on products. As a general rule above 8.5dbi of gain they start becoming patch or sector antennas and not omni's.
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