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License Count

Dear Gents,


I have a question, let suppose i have 51 CAPs, 25 AMs, 25 SMs. How much total licenses i will need in this case. I think i will need a total of 101 LIC-AP, 76 LIC-PEFng and 25 SMs. Please need support in this regard.


Re: License Count

Hi Ullah,


you will need 101 x LIC-AP, 101xPEFNG and 101xRFProtect as the number of active APs are restricted to the minimum of the AP/PEFNG and RFprotect license count.



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Re: License Count

Thanks Brother for quick response. I didn't understand if i operate 25 SMs then why i need all the three licenses 101x.

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Re: License Count

I didn't understand the logic behind this. Let suppose somewhere i need just 2 Spectrum Moniters then why i should go to purchase more RFProtect. (why should i purchase RFProtect equals to AP-LIC and LIC-PEFng).

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Re: License Count

Hey, all licenses must be of equal limits. The AP's function is not taken into account. You have to make AP license + PEF license + RFP license the same amount. If the licenses aren't at the same number, the controller is limited to the smaller of the 3 numbers.


If you have the following below for example, a controller would be licensed to 8 AP's only.


16x AP

16x PEF

8x RF Protect

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Re: License Count

Thanks every one for support.