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Merging the best of both networks

Hi everyone i have a question im studying currently studying both the

ACMA and the ACSA. I do deeply feel i need both to be complete and

balanced, I feel a bit awkward there a way to accomplish this task

in a more easier Format..



Cert Seeker.


Re: Merging the best of both networks



have you attended or practised any ACMA or ACSA courses and labs.?


you have to practise labs and get knowledge on theory as per info provided in student guides.



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Re: Merging the best of both networks

Hi Cert Seeker!


You can see learning resources on the certification pages below.




For an "easier" format you can purchase study guides at HPE Press or self-directed labs which also include the study guide. 


Study Guides:

Self-directed Labs:


You may also be interested to check out a webinar series replay on Networking Essentials- although this is more basic fundamentals so not sure if you need that:


Any questions reach out to our team at 

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Re: Merging the best of both networks

Hey Jenna I'm glad you responded.. so my delima is a small one ( I hope I got this right) so the slide Tyler was showing in the Essentals course,

I wish there was a way to capture those two images ..from the one that was on that eve topology, and  the other of the network itself.

I would like to know is there a date set for the ACMA essentals id like to be included on that course.


thank you

cert seeker