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Mobility Boot Camp Class and ACMP Exam

Dear all,


after my ACMA cert has expired i would like to take a bootcamp class and than do the ACMP exam.

My experience is mostly based on AOS 3.x and 5.x and i think it is a good idea to recap the basics of AOS 6.x as well.


Is the class and the exam based on AOS 6.1.3.x?

Is it necessary to get hands on a S2500/S3500?

Will the 6.1 exam still cover legacy hardware like AP 85, MC800 etc.?


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Re: Mobility Boot Camp Class and ACMP Exam

Hi Michael,


The exam is based on 6.1.0.  There is some S3500 content but no hands-on.  If you can take the current bootcamp it will cover everything you need for ACMP 6.1.  We also have delta training for folks like you who took older versions of the ACMA and ACMP.


If you're a customer head here:


If a partner log into Partner Center and acess the LMS from there.  Once you're in click on the Mobility Track and the update training is at the bottom.

Christopher Leach - CISSP, ACDX, ACMX
Director, Training and Certification