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Need help?

Been navigating that mess of a HPE learner site ( and onwards from there) for over half an hour now without results.

I am trying to figure out if my ACMX (and/or ACDX) is still current or not and wether I need to renew my ACCP before I can register for an ACCX exam.


I can download badges and stuff, and inactive is only displayed with an old ACMP certification. Does that mean my ACMX is still valid?


Re: Need help?


AFAIK all Aruba certification is valid for three years. Yes you must hold a valid ACCP to register for the ACCX exam. I would also advise to do the Advanced Labs course as a preparation for the ACCX exam. It is not mandatory, but advised from my experience.

Maybe send an email or reach out to Aruba/HPE training to ask them to check your status. You can start a chat session in the mylearning portal!

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Frank
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