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Pre ACMP exam questions

Just completed the bootcamp and want to sit exam within fortnight, and just wondered if I need to do any additional reading to compliment the course manuals, or should these cover all exam content?


Ive sat some courses before which dont always fully prepare you for the exam...


I suppose the more you know, the better, but I dont want to spend hours/days reading additional materials if I dont need to  -  theres enogh to learn as it is!



Re: Pre ACMP exam questions

read the VRDs

I know thats a lot of reading but well its good reading...


Wireless is a big world and there is a way too much to learn... i still feel i dont know too much of it myselft  :)

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Re: Pre ACMP exam questions

I think the training does cover the exam quite well for ACMP. In addition to attending the bootcamp, real-world experience will help you in passing the exam.


In addition to the VRD's that give in depth information, I would definitely study the course guides and have a thorough look at the ACMP study guide that is available on the Aruba Networks website:


These study guides list the topics and show you (quite representative) the kind of knowledge that will be asked on the real test.


Don't forget to at least view the ACMA Study Guide if you intend to do the ACMP exam without doing the ACMA first. ACMA covers the first book from the bootcamp. Doing the ACMA exam first will give you a stepped approach to the ACMP certification, but that step is optional to my knowledge.


Reading VRDs may compensate for lack of real-world experience


Success in passing your exam..

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Re: Pre ACMP exam questions

Found some handy vrd's over the weeked which look olike they should fill in some gaps and expand on the course manuals...  Chhers for the tips, and ill report back after my exam!

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Re: Pre ACMP exam questions

Where can I find the ACMA study Guide?

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Re: Pre ACMP exam questions

I actually found them, they are not much of a Study Guide but I guess anything helps.



Re: Pre ACMP exam questions

If you are still studying for the ACMA, the Mobility Bootcamp book covers all topics on the ACMA and follows the ACMA study guide outline section by section. The ACMA is based on setup wizards and product knowledge, as well as networking fundamentals. There are some Aruba Specific questions including ARM and communication between controllers and APs. 

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