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Thank you! ACDX passed



I want to thank every one on this board! I just got word that I passed the ACDX exam. Apparently I am the first in Sweden, that's a nice surprise.

Without you it would not have been possible! Every topic or function I did not understand while studying I searched for in this forum. You guys are great at asking questions and answering them. So thank you!


I know I am going to get the questions about how/what I studied. I read every VRD, all of them! Atleast once.Then I re-read those that had some information regarding the exam topics and searched this board for the things that I did not understand. It also helps that you have worked with Aruba products for a while.


Best regards




Wireless network engineer consultant| @phivil | ACMP ACCP ACDX #759

Re: Thank you! ACDX passed

Great job Philip, congratulations!