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Hey All


I want to get ACMP 6.1 and went to the bootcamp back in the 3.3 days so want to get a refreshed for 6.1. I am looking at doing the SWDI via the virtual training as the bootcamp does not appear to be on the Australian schedule and I would like to get the ACMP sooner rather than later.  Has anybody else done the virtual training? Is it like we all login to a con call etc or is is just videos and the manual which I can do at my own pace which hopefully will mean that I wont have to be up between 2am and 6 am over here in Australia.


Let me know.




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Re: Virtual Training

"3.3 days"? I'm guessing you meant 3.3 years. :smileywink:


I did the SWDI virtual. You get a RAP-2, join a GoTo meeting where the instructor teaches the course. You also have access to a lab environment to do the labs. The lab environment, IIRC, has two controllers, two AP-125, and two laptops (all per student). They did a great job with the interface. You have console access to the AP and controllers, remote power control, ethernet port control, etc. I believe the new 6.1 SWDI also covers the S3500 switch. I took the course last year when the course was 6.0, but the ACMP test was still 5.0.


I highly recommend the course!


Zach Jennings
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Re: Virtual Training

Thanks for that. Sorry I meant I went on the bootcamp and it covered AOS  3.4 and it was a few years ago now.


Have been working with 6.1 for a while now but have not had any dealings with mobility domains and some of the more advanced features that they test on in the 6.1 exam, hence needing to go on the refresher course.


I guess I will just have to commit to getting up at 2am in the morning :(








Re: Virtual Training

Hi revans,


I'm sorry you're not finding the courses you need.  We're going through a rough patch in ANZ at the moment with our Authorized Training Center there.  I'll look to see what we can do to get an SWDI or MBC in your patch.  Where in Oz are you?

Christopher Leach - CISSP, ACDX, ACMX
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