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training and education.

I am feeling so lucky this week, I am attending the Wireless Lan Professionals conference in Austin Texas. There are several sessions I am looking forward to, one of them is Engineering Ultra-High Density Wireless LANs by Chuck Lukaszewski. I am looking to pick up several good tips here.  In the conference attendee kit, there was an Aruba AP-225 802.11ac 3X3 Access Point. I am really looking to get this in the lab and test it out and see what a quality access can truly do.


All the sessions from the conference are being recorded, and will be available for viewing, I think this is really great, because there are so many great sessions and you can’t get to all of them. So, the ones you miss you can catch up on at a later time.


I am glad my employer values education and training and realizes the benefits they bring to the table. There is so much more to being a wireless guy than just Wi-fi. I am able to network with my peers and find out how they are evolving their skills. Most people I meet have realized that in order to truly understand wireless you have to understand the complete picture in order to architect a complete mobility solution. I think that is what #genmobile is all about. 


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Re: training and education.

Can you convince my employer to send me next year? ;)
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Guest Blogger

Re: training and education.

it was a great conference, 


there was a session by charlie clemmer, talking about deploying wireless in manufacturing... it was great! and there was also a reveal of the worlds first outdoor 802.11ac access point. just a total class act and a great place to be.



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