ArubaOS 8 Fundamentals Guide

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Aruba Deployment Guides are best practice recommendation documents specifically designed to
outline how Aruba technology works and to enable customers who deploy Aruba solutions to
achieve optimal results. This document is not only intended to serve as a deployment guide but
also to provide descriptions of Aruba technology, recommendations for product selections,
network design decisions, configuration procedures, and best practices. Aruba's
documentation suite for ArubaOS 8 comprises a reference model for understanding Aruba
technology and designs for common customer deployment scenarios. Our customers rely on
these proven designs to rapidly deploy Aruba solutions in their production environments with the
assurance that they will perform and scale as expected.


Authors: @jhoward @syedah @kmarshall @makariosm @Shiv @Wordsmith


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This is excellent... but I really wish it was under say... 100 pages?

Thanks Jamie. One request though. Please provide a proper download link too if you embed the pdf like you did here. This would be helpful for people (like me) that have disabled in-browser pdf's.

I second Koen’s request for a different reason, if you are browsing via mobile (specifically iOS) you can’t even view anything beyond the first page.


@koen @kb1ibt Download link added!

Thanks Jamie!



Hello Jamie!


I think, there's an error at page 21 item 5:

"Standalone Mode functions in the same manner in ArubaOS 8 as it does in ArubaOS 6. It is supported on hardware-based controllers only"

As I know, you can deploy standalone on VM.

Which parameters is required for manually add a mobility controller on mobility master?