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HPE FlexFabric Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect (DRNI) VRD

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This document provides details on how to deploy a Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect (DRNI) Top-of-Rack (ToR) solution in a standard OSPF Spine and Leaf Fabric.


The focus on the document will be the configuration of the DRNI pair attached at the ToR. In this example:
• DR system connects to southbound switch to simulate host using a layer 2 link aggregation group (LAG).
• DR Device 5940-6 will be the Master for traffic in VLAN10
• DR Device 5940-3 will be the Master for traffic in VLAN 20
• DR System connects to OSPF fabric via /24 routed interfaces with ECMP. (Configuration of the Spine switches and Rack 2 switch are out of scope)
o Each DRNI pair connects to both spine switches


The doc also shows basic Ixia tests and results for various failure scenarios.

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