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Aruba Validated Reference Design Guides (VRDs) are best practice recommendation documents specifically designed to demonstrate the key functions of the Aruba solution and enable customers who deploy Aruba solutions to achieve optimal results. This document is not only intended to serve as a deployment guide but also to provide descriptions of Aruba technology, recommendations for product selections, network design decisions, configuration procedures, and best practices. The Aruba documentation suite for ArubaOS 8 comprises a reference model for understanding Aruba technology and offers designs for common customer deployment scenarios. Aruba customers rely on these proven designs to rapidly deploy Aruba solutions in their production environments with the assurance that they will reliably perform and scale as expected.


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I am setting up my configuration to mimic your example in the VRD and noticed a couple of things:


1) The AP’s are on VLAN 92 but there is no DHCP config on the controller nor is there DHCP-Relay configured on the Core switch. How are the AP’s going to receive addresses (I assume you aren’t recommending static)?  I assume maybe the DHCP-Relay is the intended solution as VLAN 92 doesn’t go to the controller. 


2) VLAN 92 for the AP’s also has jumbo packet enabled at the Core Switch but doesn’t continue that setting at the Access Level Switch.


Any feedback is appreciated!



Great design guide!  Is there an update pending covering what we have learned over the last year and adding 802.11ax?

Just checking back in.  Are there any current or pending updates on the guide documentation set built around 8.5/8.6 and 802.11ax/WiFi6?

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