Outdoor Point-to-Point Deployments

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Point-to-point (PTP) wireless connections have many use cases including linking buildings on university campus, creating connections between offshore oil rigs, and eliminating the need to pull fiber cable between buildings on opposite sides of a busy road. This guide will help you select the right hardware platform (including both the AOS-based AP-175 and Aruba¹s new AirMesh products; Choose appropriate antennas and accessories; Identify and overcome some of the most common outdoor installation challenges; Set up and configure the Aruba solution.


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I tried to download this document, but i get "Article or Comment Not Found" when I click on your link.





This document lists the latest mobility controller software as 6.1 The latest consevative release for mobility controllers is 8.0.3.x. Why is this document from 2011 posted as current in 2019? Much has changed since ArubaOS 6.1.

What about an update with current hard- and software? And the AP-387 60GHz Bridge should be included. 

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