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The Aruba Networks Validated Reference Designs (VRDs) are a collection of technology focused guides that include descriptions of Aruba Networks technology, recommendations for product selections, network design, configuration, and deployment best practices. Together these guides comprise a reference model for understanding Aruba’s technology and designs for common deployment scenarios. Each Aruba VRD network design is built and thoroughly tested by Aruba engineers. Our customers use these proven designs to rapidly deploy Aruba solutions in production with the assurance that they will perform and scale as expected.

The VRD series focuses on particular aspects of Aruba’s technologies and deployment models. Together the guides provide a structured framework to understand and deploy Aruba. The VRD series has four categories of guides:

  • Foundation – explain the core technologies of an Aruba network and describe different aspects of planning, operation, and troubleshooting deployments
  • Base Design – describes the most common deployment models, recommendations, and configurations
  • Applications – build on the base designs delivering application specific design and deployment content for services like voice, video, or outdoor campus extension
  • Specialty Deployments –involve deployments in conditions that differ significantly from the common base design deployment models, such as high-density WLAN deployment.
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