Demonstration of Spear SDN app by Narmox

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This video provides demonstration of Spear. Spear is SDN application created by Narmox. Narmox SPEAR application offers a versatile scheme of network programming, that enables defining of scripts for the particular network environment. The application works on the following components:


  • Triggers - defining input information that can be used in conditions, e.g. state of the link, state of the switch, state of the port;
  • Schedulers - defining time frames, e.g. days, hours;
  • Conditions – defining logical conditions (based on triggers and achedulers) describing when the application will change the network activity executing a particular action;
  • Actions – implicate the change in the network configuration or sending of information (e-mail, log), when defined previously condition will be fulfilled.


In addition, the application offers two predefined schemes:


  1. The possibility of replacing STP protocol with program control of the network.
  2. Load Balancing of WAN routers.

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