[VIDEO] High availability for a ClearPass Cluster

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This video will teach you how to set up a Publisher and Subscriber/s to support the promotion of a Subscriber to Publisher for high availability within your ClearPass Policy Manager cluster.


This is a great feature to use when setting up "Core" ClearPass functionality.


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Nice Alc

Are there more videos coming? Smiley Happy

Hi NightShade1,


We will try to post more pending our subject matter experts' availability. Stay tuned!! Smiley Happy

Hi Nightshade1, our technical marketing team would like to hear from Airheads community members on future video topic suggestions. Please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Technology-Blog/ClearPass-How-to-Videos-are-Back/ba-p/79682

NIce Video!

What is the procedure to reastablish the faulty publisher to the Subscriber with the Standby Failover Subscriber credentials? So, we have an fully automatically redundant environment again?

We tried this, but a some manually actions has to be taken on the CLI (reset database and join a s subscriber) to get this done.

We're not sure is this is the way and like the procedure to be confirmed.


Thanks in Advance

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