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Dititalized images over WiFi

A prospect wants to digitalize images and send them to a server running client/server application. The size of each image is around 1 mb and has 200 pc´s transmiting each scanned image to a server. Could be possible to have a wireless solution supporting this in comparation with a wired lan?. Any suggestions and recomendations will be great appreciated. Thanks

Dititalized images over WiFi

The application you mention does not seem that intensive overall, as I would imagine each of the stations needs to take time to digitize whatever content from other forms before sending up to the server. Thus the amount a given station transmits to the network would quite likely not be 100% of the time, and could be as low as once every few minutes I would assume. E.g. the application may not be all that intensive on the WLAN, vs. a real-time stream like video conferencing might present.

I do have one deployment doing something similar with digital cameras sending over "as-built" photos of an ongoing construction project over their Aruba WLAN back to a workstation on the LAN. Works great, even at 802.11g over the APs...albeit not on the same scale (200 stations) as you are mentioning here.

The 1 MB file you are mentioning, should transmit in a second or two at typical dot11n speeds. Then freeing up the channel for the next transmission while that workstation digitizes it's next piece of content.

That being said, given the knowns in your application description, a properly designed 802.11n network, running 40MHz channels, load balancing enabled, should fit the bill on this application. Just ensure that the workstations can support the 5.7GHz version of 802.11n so you can leverage the 300Mbps throughputs for all stations.


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