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Improving Video in Dorms

We have a mix of AP 65's, 70's and some 105 Dorms...Some of the students are complaining that when they watch shows on CBS for example, The channel does not buffer enough for it to play smoothly..Is there something in WMM that I can take advantage of to improve performance?

Characterize the traffic inbound as a First Step

I would recommend that you characterize the traffic inbound as a first step.

WMM or any QoS for that matter is going to depend upon recognizing the device and/or application as requiring prioritization.

I did a quick test from here in Canada and see that just displays the videos using HTTP (port 80), and thus there would not be much ability to prioritze using something like WMM.

One idea is that you could write a PEF rule that would state:
source (e.g. in my case) dest any, protocol HTTP = high queue and arm scanning Pause.

That being said, I would encourage the characterization piece first and see what can be done then to write policy to recognize the traffic important to this user base and accomodate it.
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