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PowerSave Dtim value impact on Phone Unidata, Aastra and Ascom


we have six 6000 series controllers ( with AP65/70/85 to support WIFI SIP phone.
actually we use 400 phone (350 Aastra 312 and 50 Unidata 7700, and we met some problem with Battery life.
The Aastra model use UAPSD and Unidata PS-Poll. Our Vlan/ESSIDs for voice use battery boost support and we've activated the fonctionnality: broadcast/multicast convert to unicast.
My question :
Aruba document indicate that we must define for voWIFI the DTIM delivery interval between 10 to 100 to obtain a better Battery life optimisaiton. Our DTIM interval is actually configured at 3, but if we modify this value, we met more call lost.
Exactly, some phone send deauth when there are sleep, and make lot of time to wake up ( ex 20 sec for the unidata and more than 1minutes for the Aasta model !)

If someone had some idea or expertise... or an exemple of configuration : SSID and Virtual-AP for voice.

thanks A lot
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Correction: problem mobile ip

We have solve our problem by : deactivate mobile ip domain that is not use but is define on the master. Moreover, i've deactivated secondary DHCP (controller) for all the voice vlan. Detail, i have modify the DTIM at 5 (aruba preco). Now, all the phone are Ok: Unidata 7700, Aastra 320 and Ascom i62.
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Re: PowerSave Dtim value impact on Phone Unidata, Aastra and Ascom

Hi Cedric,

We're currently testing some Unidata 7700's, and I'm curious if you could post the config of your SSID- and VAP-profile for my reference?


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mobile ip replace by vlan mobility

hi jlam,

sorry for delay,

my configuration :

wlan virtual-ap "CHUBXV_Virtual_AP_Pellegrin"
allowed-band g
aaa-profile "CHUBXV_AAA_Profile"
ssid-profile "CHUBXV_SSID_Profile"
vlan 303
no mobile-ip
no blacklist
broadcast-filter arp

wlan ssid-profile "CHUBXV_SSID_Profile"
essid "CHUBXV"
opmode wpa2-psk-aes
dtim-period 3
g-basic-rates 6 12
g-tx-rates 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54
ageout 4000
wmm-vo-dscp 46
wpa-passphrase .......

finaly to solve our problem we desactivated mobile ip fonctionnality on our big campus ( 1000 AP = 2x6000), to replace it we activate vlan mobility.
The use of Mobile IP to assure roaming between controller on the same campus, even if there are in the same vlan, was an advise of ou integrator 2 years ago. but i found in the precious aruba documentation that it's not the good solution when you have two controller on the same campus and sharing same VLANs. And in ou case when you have around 600 WIfi mobile making constant roaming between controller. I work in an hospital, and people move a lot during call ! !

Actualy we experience another problem with the last Unidata model: 7800 and aastra OEM named A320 (same hardware ). these model are new, we have ask to Unidata to integrate UAPSD support on the A320, but we are waiting a stable firmware...
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