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Spectralink Wi-FI Phone charge issues


Has anyone come accross the problem of spectralink wi-fi phones connected to an Aruba 4504 controller with VSM installed not charging when powered on and in charging cradle due to associating with AP ? .

We have a number of handsets that when you place them in the charger they do not always charge the reason we have been given is that the phones won't charge because they are connecting to AP's:eek:

Re: Spectralink Wi-FI Phone charge issues

That is.... odd. Sorry, no answers for you, but doesn't sound right to me.
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Strange indeed

Sounds really strange to us these spectralink phones are actually Alcatel ip 30 according to Alcatel this problem exists because the phone is connected to the WLAN and while it is connected it does not charge which to me is total Garbage!

Polycom/Spectralink say if the phone experiences an error and loses connectivity with the WLAN then the handset may not charge whilst in the charger!

can't find a definitive answer to this one.

If you want one of these phones to guarantee charge then you have to power it of whilst in the cradle then it starts charging:confused:
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Re: Spectralink Wi-FI Phone charge issues

Is that model the newer Polycom which can do a/b/g? Nortel has the model 6120 & 6140 which are Polycom phones. We have problems with them charging as well... We have problems with them in general compared to the older models. :(
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Unfortunately Yes

Hi Yes they are the a/b/g handsets.

We have replaced all the charging cradles and upgraded the firmware since then th issues, although still there are not as bad now ?:rolleyes:
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Re: Spectralink Wi-FI Phone charge issues

The latest version of firmware from Nortel has helped us with the issue. It's not 100% fixed but it is much better. I think it is 115.023.
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Spectralink 8030 Phones and Charging

We upgraded to the latest firmware internally recently and our Spectralink 8030 phones now have an audible "beep" when they are placed in the cradle to confirm charging. They did not have that before. We are using the SIP firmware btw; I don't know if that would make a difference.

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Re: Spectralink Wi-FI Phone charge issues

Hate to bump an old threat but new developments.

Polycom/Spectralink has admitted a design flaw. They have changed the physical structures of the devices to help with charging issues. The production run began around October of 2009 (information from a Polycom source).

We're still seeing the issue even with the newer cradles. Things are better but not up to par IMHO. A small piece of paper on the back of the cradle can help reposition the phone to make better physical contact.

Also, you can take a pencil eraser to the contacts to clean them... from Polycom sources. :)
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