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VOIP and other Traffic

Hello, We are running AOS
I have a VOIP dedicated private class network for all sip traffic that uses a unique SSID. What I need to do is intercept http, pop3, and a few other ports to access the corperate network from the private network.
Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Firewall rules for Cisco Wi-Fi phones

I see this thread is somewhat dated (!) but here's some useful information from the redoubtable Steve Carr.

This covers all types of traffic to/from Cisco 79XX phones (in skinny mode of course, although for SIP you should be able to swap sip-acl for skinny-acl).

user-role CiscoPhone
session-acl skinny-acl
session-acl dhcp-acl
session-acl dns-acl
session-acl icmp-acl
session-acl http-acl
session-acl tftp-acl

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Re: VOIP and other Traffic

We are getting a little OT. But if, for instance, one were to apprehend an intimation of imminent nuclear explosion, one could do worse than to seek shelter in the shadow of the redoubtable SC.

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