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voice reports

Hi Airheads,

I've deployed aruba with voice, and now we are tracking the performance of the calls.
My question is how does aruba controller come up with the "Call Performance Report"? Because when I go inside it I see some calls flagged as "RED" band but when I compare the timing to "Call Detail Report" I don't see any "RED" band. Also I viewed the call history of all calls made at that time, I didn't see any calls flagged as "RED" band in fact all are "GREEN". So is there any way we can track who is getting the "RED" band inside "Call Performance Report"??

Thanks in advance.

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Re: voice reports

One more thing is that we are getting Call Reason as "Missed" and "Inactivity". I wonder how does Aruba controller classify these reason codes? Please help.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: voice reports

What version of Aruba code is this and what kind of phone system you have?

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Re: voice reports

code is but we are planning to upgrade to a latest ver. 5 very soon. the IP phones are cisco 7921's. it seems to me like the voice call reports does not match with each other. Call Performance Report tells that there is a bad voice quality (RED) at this period of time, but looking over at Call Detailed Report it shows that all calls are in good quality (GREEN). I'm looking for any documentation in Aruba website for some explanation on the reports but I can't find one. Please help.

Thank you.
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