WLAN Professionals Summit 2014

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WLAN Pro Summit 02/10 - 02/12/2014

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Aruba Networks will be presenting at the Wireless LAN Professionals Summit 2014. More information to come.


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Presentations will consist of:


Evolving Enterprise Network Architecture


Peter Thornycroft -  Moderator 


  • The enterprise network is being transformed by cloud computing, BYOD, multimedia over IP and pervasive Wi-Fi. These technologies are still relatively early in the adoption cycle, but we can see the direction they are taking. But other, arguably more fundamental changes in network architecture are in the pipeline, driven by the adoption of IPv6, very-high-speed Wi-Fi, the increased penetration of consumer technologies and software-defined network architectures. This talk will touch on these areas, drawing on the experiences of early-adopters of new WLANs with a dash of medium-term vision. It will pose questions for network architects looking out several years, and hopefully provide some of the answers.


Engineering Ultra-High Density Wireless LANs for Arenas & Stadiums



Chuck Lukaszewski - Moderator 


  • Ultra-high density WLANs push Wi-Fi technology to the limits of its capabilities. There are endless tradeoffs that must be balanced. Technical tradeoffs such as higher signal quality vs. increased co-channel interference or higher data rate vs. reduced signal reliability are two examples. Architectural, aesthetics and installation cost tradeoffs also directly affect system performance. Mr. Lukaszewski will review Aruba’s proven design methodology for ultra-high density venues and take questions.



Hostile Environments: Wireless LAN Design for Warehouse Environments



Charlie Clemmer -   - @CharlieClemmer


  • Warehouse environments typically include multiple impediments to ideal wireless design. High ceilings, metal shelving, ever changing floor configuration and legacy clients combine to create an environment much different than the typical carpeted office space. We will discuss best practices, lessons learned, and what to look for when approaching a warehouse deployment.
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