Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium- San Jose, CA USA

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Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium



We are happy to participate in this year's Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium. Event takes place in San Jose, CA and it is free to attend in person if you want to stop by and join the conversation. More details about the event can be found here:



In case you cannot attend in person and get a chance to watch the live stream on our community homepage or at http://www.techfieldday.com, you can submit your comments & questions live using this discussion board. Feel free to submit them using twitter hashtag #WMS12 as well, directed at @ArubaNetworks and @TechFieldDay


Assuming no last minute changes, Aruba's Product Manager for Network Services Carlos Gomez (aka. carlos) will be joining the event to present on "Mobile Devices & BYOD" topic. From Aruba's Office of the CTO, Peter Thornycroft (aka. pthornycroft) will be there to answer questions on "Hotspot 2.0" and "Gigabit Wi-Fi" (802.11ac/ad). 


Although nothing beats live TV ;) we realize that you all have busy schedules and may not be able to tune in. For those who may not be able to view the live stream, folks from TechFieldDay will be making the video recordings available to us shortly after the event. 


Looking forward to chatting with you all on the day of the event!

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Hi All Community Members, Do you have questions for the presenters? We'll make sure you get your answers! We encourage you to post questions for the experts on this board ahead of the event. Thanks! Jeanie

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Thank you for setting up this chat room!


I encourage folks to watch live, and wanted to note that you can also direct your live questions to our moderators during the symposium:

- Andrew von Nagy is @RevolutionWiFi

- Marcus Burton is @MarcusBurton


And please use the Twitter hashtag #WMS12 so your tweets will show up in our "play-by-play"!

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Counting down to tomorrow's event - less than 24 hours left :)


Invited several groups within Aruba (sales engineers, technical marketing engineers, product managers, etc.) to the live chat in this forum and looks like we will have pretty good attendance - 24 accepted so far!


Looking forward to seeing you all join us during tomorrow's live event and live chat. 

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Heading out to #WMS12 shortly. Carlos Gomez (aka. carlos) will be talking about BYOD in the morning session starting at 10am. Here is the full agenda for the day. Take a look at Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium home page for more details. Talk to you all in an hour!


Order of the Day

10:00-12:00 – Morning Session

  • 10:00 – Welcome and Introduction by Stephen Foskett and Marcus Burton
  • 10:15 – Panelist Presentations
    • Each panelist gives a short presentation followed by a short Q&A session
  • 11:30 – Open Discussion and Audience Q&A
  • 12:00 – Morning session close

12:00-14:00 – BREAK/LUNCH

  • 12:00 – Closed Press and Analyst Q&A
  • 12:30 – Break/Lunch


  • 14:00 – Welcome and Introduction by Stephen Foskett
  • 14:15 - Mobile Devices & BYOD by Andrew von Nagy
  • 14:45 - Gigabit Wi-Fi by Marcus Burton
  • 15:15 - Hotspot 2.0 by Andrew von Nagy
  • 15:55 – Session Close by Stephen Foskett
  • 16:00 – Wrap Up and “Network Beers
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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

The live stream is up on the home page!!  The video is already streaming, but the event will start at 10am PST.  HOORAY!


Please note: the video is streaming on a Flash player and will not work on devices that don't run Adobe Flash, such as the iPad or iPhone.

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Look at that, Andrew not in a baseball cap! :)

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Carlos is starting with the basics - and is trying to answer "What is BYOD?" Well it means different things for different IT organizations, in different verticals... what's your BYOD story? 


Submit here. 

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Understanding how to enroll mobile devices over the air is key - no IT organization wants to manually touch each iPhone and Android out there... Apple is making it really easy for infrastructure vendors like Aruba. Screenshot from Carlos's preso below. 


How do you enroll mobile devices to your network - what's your plan, what type of questions you have? Submit them here. 


Apple over the Air Provisioning.jpg

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Re: Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium

Reporting live from #WMS12 - here are the first set of pictures published by TechFieldDay at Flickr



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