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00828 lldp: PVID mismatch error

error is ; 

03/26/19 12:01:18 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 1(VID 1)with peer device port 20a6cd-c2432e(VID unknown)(1441)


I 03/26/19 12:01:16 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 3(VID 1)with peer device port 904c81-c781a8(VID unknown)(1441)



This switch is a Aruba 2930F (JL254A) with fireware version WC.16.08.0001


devices connected to ports 1 and 3 are standard access points aruba 305 and 304, managed by a 7205 controller.


I don't know why the port desc. show as bond0


I tried to suppress the error by using "lldp config 1,3 dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id"

since that didn't work I did "no lldp config 1,3 dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id"


any help on understanding this would be great thanks.





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Re: 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch error

Hi please check out this post:



this explains how to change the untaged vlan on the AP side, so it mtches the untagged vlan of the switch.

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Re: 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch error

I am still getting the issue.


I made the changes to the wireless controller 7205


and also in the controller I set the VLAN for the AP to 1


But I am still getting the error on the switch



Thanks in advance on how to stop this error.

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Re: 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch error

Have you mapped the lldp profile to the ap port profile? I don’t see this in your screenshot

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