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2510 and multicast



I want to update a network design to protect the network from network multicast flooding then we have hade som issues caused of the bug in the intel i217-LM https://communities.intel.com/thread/48051


The network today is a big layer 2 network 1024 host bult on primary HP Procurve 2510, my plane is to enabel IGMP to protect the network against multicast flodding but are this protecting against IPV6 Multicast Flood or is IGMP only for ipv4 ?


Is it some more good things to do to protect the network from failed equipment ? 

Re: 2510 and multicast

On the VLAN configuration you can enable IGMP with ip igmp for IPv4. With show ip igmp you can verify igmp is enabled on the vlan. For IPv6 more or less same function is called mld. I don't have 2510 but on for e.g. 3810M you can also enable this in VLAN configuration with ipv6 mld enable. With show ipv6 mld you can verify the coniguration. Hope this helps!

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