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2520 Switch (J9299A) minimum version for Radius Groups?

Dear Forum,

i am currently rolling out ClearPass to our Environment and i am struggeling to configure Radius Server-Groups on our 2520 Series Switches. Currently they do run J.15.09.00028.

Does anyone know what is the minimum SW Version to be able to use Radius Server-Groups?


Thanks for taking time to read this :)



Re: 2520 Switch (J9299A) minimum version for Radius Groups?

Hi Martin
Have you tried looking at the user guides for your product?
Here you can find them:


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Re: 2520 Switch (J9299A) minimum version for Radius Groups?



If the command aaa server-group is not present in the CLI, then it appears the 2520 does not support this feature.  J.15.09.0028 is the most recent build available for this switch series, and no feature additions are planned. (The 2520 went end of sale in 2013, and the most recent software build was posted in 2016.)  


It's worth noting that the 2540 switch series, the latest successor to the 2520 line, includes numerous enhancements to RADIUS (and AAA in general), including tighter integration with ClearPass with captive portal support and downloadable user roles, giving you much more flexibility in how you control access to your network.

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Re: 2520 Switch (J9299A) minimum version for Radius Groups?

Thanks all for replying,

i found the needed documentation and adopted a working config.

The Switches are due for replacement anyway in the coming months and we will look more deeply into 2540 or 2930 Series.



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