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2530 Native VLAN

Greetings!  New to the HP/Aruba world.  I have a 2530 running YA.16.02.0012 and there are certain things I'm trying to configure, but I can't find a syntax reference for this software image. 


I'm trying to figure out how to set a native VLAN (4) on some ports, but leave the rest in native VLAN (1).  Anyone point me in the right direction for that?

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Re: 2530 Native VLAN

Since your Switch is currently still running on YA.16.02 Software Branch...have a look at these guides: here (for Management and Configuration) and here (specifically for VLAN concepts and implementations).


Actually it's a little bit difficult (or not easy as before) to look for and find documents about all HPE products (see reasons explained in this hot thread on HPE Community forum...basically because HPE redesigned very recently the HPE Support Center launching in a sort of still-Beta phase breaking the way we are used to look for and find documents and softwares)...so please take my links as examples (I had to filter with "16.02" all provided results for 2530 to find those links).


HPE releated products documents&softwares should be searched starting from the redesigned HPE Support Center here (despite that software for Switches can be still easily be found through this page).

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Re: 2530 Native VLAN

Just do it like this:

vlan 4
untagged 1-24 (Portname)

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Re: 2530 Native VLAN

It's interesting...really...to be fed is really the easy way...but the fast track is not the very best for beginners IMHO...when a user asks and you provide an direct answer...without explaining how he/she can learn to learn the subject (which is the Switching ABC in this case)...you are letting that user to not go - alone - too far from where it is now...in other terms: what will be his/her next ABC question? will be there someone that will answer what he/she expects? he/she will ever take time to read the documentation he/she claimed to look for...who know? Good earned Kudos.

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