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2540 Stacking?

I'm wondering if its possible to stack our 2540s? All we're looking to do is manage the switches with one IP address, switches would be connected together via 10GbE SFP. I'm not finding much in the 2540 documentation and the commands available to the 2530 do not appear to be the same as the latest 2540 firmware. Is this just not possible?

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Re: 2540 Stacking?

Hi, afraid it's not possible on the 2540 series. If you can move up slightly in price range (assuming you haven't already bought them) to the 2930F they support 'software' stacking using VSF. You will still need physical connections between switches but no specialist stacking hardware.

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Re: 2540 Stacking?



    So is there no options to do stacking in 2540, but all of the procurve switches have the stacking options right?,  in near by future is there an option for stacking in 2540


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Re: 2540 Stacking?

Well...since here we're referring to "Management Stacking" (so management of a stack of Switches using just one Management IP)...and not Virtual Switching (VSF deployed through frontplane stacking or Backplane Stacking deployed using dedicated Stacking modules/cables)...I think, as a feature, it will not be added into Aruba 2540 (yes, as a feature, some HP ProCurve had it...but things are evolving and some requirements are fading out, some others are fading in)...especially considering that you can easily manage (any number of) them through NMS solutions like Aruba Airwave or HPE IMC.

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