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2930F PBR Support

We have a need to PBR traffic from a /29 to a /30. Essentially we need a /29 for our WAN gear and a certain provider only supports /30 transports (although can static route the /29). I was able to accomplish this fairly easily on a HP5130, but dont seem to be hitting the policy on 2930. I have it set to match on source network, and set next hop to the /29 PE, but no bueno. Below is config and attached diagram for reference. Any help would be appreciated!


class ipv4 "internal29-to-vz30"
10 match ip any      <<<< have also tried regular mask
policy pbr "internal29-to-vz30"
10 class ipv4 "internal29-to-vz30"
action ip next-hop
Interface vlan-interface 7
service-policy internal29-to-vz30 in

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